20 December 2011

Tribune Tuesdays: Liberal Reward

From: The Oakland Tribune, 12 February 1912


LOST in the vicinity of 16th and Clay st., Saturday afternoon, gold nugget bracelet; name Marjorie engraved on nuggets. Return to owner, Miss Marjorie Rambeau, Box Office Ye Liberty Theater; liberal reward.

13 December 2011

Tribune Tuesdays: Lincoln Was an Aviator

From: The Oakland Tribune, 12 February 1912

Two Out of Forty Knew of Lincoln

Out of 40 drunks arrested in the past 24 hours whose release on recognizance was authorized by Judges Mortimer Smith and George Samuels this morning only two were able to tell who Abraham Lincoln was and for what he was famous.

Captain J. F. Lynch received the authorization from the two judges to release the prisoners arrested for drunkenness on their own recognizance. Captain Lynch decided to put his inebriates through a short examination before releasing them.

"Whose birthday is this?" was the first question. It was met with blank surprise.

"Who is Abraham Lincoln?" Lynch demanded of each of the long line as they stood ready for release.

"He was a great general and father of this country," responded a Swede.

"I don't know," answered an ordinary American when cross examined. Several  ventured guesses, and one man suggested that the great Liberator was an aviator.

06 December 2011

Tribune Tuesdays: Autoist Takes Victim

From: The Oakland Tribune, 02 November 1912

Autoist Takes Victim Home and Disappears

H. B. Jackson, a stationary engineer for the California Best Wall Company, living at 2496 Peralta avenue, was run down by an automobile while riding his bicycle on Fruitvale avenue near Tallant street last evening. Jackson sustained a fracture of two ribs. The chauffeur removed him to his home and then disappeared. The police have not ascertained the name of the driver of the machine. Dr. Munroe attended the injured man.