28 August 2012

Tribune Tuesdays: Refrain from Attacking

From: The Oakland Tribune, 06 March 1912, Page 11, Column 2

Promises to Care for Family He Mistreated

W. F. Gillespie, arrested for beating his wife and mother-in-law, was released from custody this morning by Judge Mortimer Smith on his promise to refrain from attacking his family and to work for the support of his wife and four children. The case was continued to April 6, and Gillespie placed on probation till that date on the request of his wife, who declared that his assistance was absolutely essential to the support of the family.

21 August 2012

Tribune Tuesdays: Beaten by Highwaymen

From: The Oakland Tribune, 06 March 1912, Page 10, Column 5

Victim Beaten by Highwaymen
Amil Anderson is Attacked by Thugs and Beaten Unmercifully

Leaping upon Amil Anderson of 1749 Eighty-first avenue without warning, as he passed the corner of East Fourteenth street and Eighty-first avenue, last night, two highwaymen knocked the man down and beat him mercilessly. The two men gave Anderson no chance to turn over his money, but attacked him and after knocking him to the ground, kicked and beat him until he was unconscious. Nothing was taken. The attack occurred at 930 o'clock last night.

Thefts reported to the police are as follows:

James McNamara, 1309 Regent street, Alameda, pockets picked while on county line car on San Pablo avenue, leather purse containing $9.50 taken.

H. A. Powell, 2703 Dwight way, Berkeley, furniture valued at $20 taken by burglars from house at 921 Myrtle street.

Earl Pedlar, 675 Eleventh street, overcoat stolen from Oakland high school.

O. F. Woods, 424 Third street, garments valued at $25 taken from room.

Mrs. H. Wilson, 483 Ninth street, room entered, garments valued at $30 taken.

14 August 2012

Tribune Tuesdays: Little Trips into the Country

From: The Oakland Tribune, 06 March 1912, Page 3, Column 7

Objects to Way He Obtained Free Rides

The novel method of obtaining buggies and cabs and automobiles to go out on many little trips into the country by representations that he was the agent of a well known firm of Oakland, is declared by Roy Garrrison [sic] of 2720 San Pablo avenue, to have been practiced by Walter L. Howe of 1610 Bonita avenue, Berkeley, for the past few weeks. Garrison had Howe arrested on a technical charge of violating an ordinance as a result of the alleged custom of the man, and the case was called before Judge Samuels this morning. Howe pleaded not guilty and the case was put over till tomorrow for further hearing.