28 February 2008

An introduction

This post marks not only the first post in this new blog, but also a teaser to the first in a series I have been considering for a while, namely how to maximize the value of Google tools to maximize your own genealogical research.

First, a little background on myself, and my approach in this blog in general, and in this coming series in particular. I am 32 years old, and have been pretty much addicted to the internet for about 15 years. From the first time I loaded up Lynx and magically found some websites that interested me, I was hooked. I remember looking with amazement at Netscape 1. A graphical browser! Wow! Imagine the possibilities!

After graduation I moved back to California from the cold, cold east coast and landed in San Francisco. I was here for the .com ex/im-plosion, and like everyone else, made a living in online affairs for a time, centered around Online Learning. When I moved to a non-profit (after my company shut down) I was luckily able to continue my interest in the possibilities of online education.

When I picked up an interest in genealogy, I realized that the internet is a revolutionary force in family history and genealogy, and I am excited to be a part of it, no matter how small, through my website Rainy Day Research, and in my own personal research.


The series I will be unveiling soon will discuss the many possibilities of Google tools in genealogy research. I have been an avid user of these tools since I moved from Yahoo about four years ago, and I haven't looked back. (And no, Google isn't paying me for this!)

Series Parts:

1. GMail and Mailing Lists
2. iGoogle and Organizing Research
3. Google Books
4. Google Reader and Blogs
5. Google Notebook and Online Research

'Till then, I remain,

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