23 August 2008

Digitized Newspapers [Reference Shelf]

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions has posted and updated a listing of international newspaper repositories.

The listing includes a PDF documenting United States newspaper repositories state-by-state including digitized and microfilmed collections. I have abstracted the digital (online) access sites below for your convenience. There is more information and links to programs in the original PDF.

I have also added online digitized newspapers not in the IFLA list, and have marked those resources with an asterisk (*) to demarcate them. I have restricted this listing to archives with free access. Sites with paid access to historical newspapers are many, and outside the scope of this list.

Tundra Times: 1962-1997

Casa Grande Dispatch: "Digital archive going back to 1912."

* California Digital Newspapers

* Chronicling America

El Clamor Publico: 1855-1859.

District of Columbia
* Chronicling America

Boca Raton Newspapers: Various mid- to late-20th Century.

* Chronicling America

* Georgia Historic Newspapers

Hawaiian Language Newspapers: 1861-1927.

Ho’olaupa’i – Hawaiian Newspapers Collection
: 1834-1948.

Barrington Review Online:1914-1930.

Dziennik Zwiazkowy: 1908-17

Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection: Various 20th Century.

Quincy Historical Newspaper Archive: 1835-1890.

* Kentucky Digital Library

* Chronicling America

* LOUISiana Digital Library

Early State Records Online: Various 19th Century.

Barnstable Patriot newspaper archive: Various 19th Century

Provincetown Advocate online: 1918, 1931-1934 and 1936-1967

Winona Newspaper Project: 1860-1946

Chillicothe Newspaper Archives: 1889-2006.

Historic Missouri Newspapers Project: Various

* Chronicling America

Las Vegas Age newspaper digital collection: April 7, 1905-1915, 1917-1922, 1924

New Jersey
Atlantic County Digitized Newspapers: 1860-1923

Historical Cranbury Press: 1880-1926

The Red Bank Register: June 27, 1878, to October 23, 1947

Silent Worker, 1888-1929

New York
Brooklyn Daily Eagle online: 1841-1902

Cornell Daily Sun: 1880-1979

Freedom’s Journal: 1827-1829

The Friend of Man: 1836-1842

Northern New York Historical Newspapers

Suffolk Historic Newspapers: Various 19th Century.

* New York Times

* Chronicling America

Access Pennsylvania Digital Repository

Lancaster County Digitization Project

Lancaster Farming newspaper: 1955-1983

Nazareth Item (Nazareth, PA)

Pennsylvania Civil War Newspapers: 1831-1877

Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project: Various mid- to late-20th Century.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Valley of the Shadow: Civil War Era Newspapers

South Carolina

The New South Newspaper: 1862-1866

South Dakota
South Dakota Newspaper Digitization Project

* Chronicling America

Utah Digital Newspapers: Various

* Chronicling America

Richmond Daily Dispatch: November 1860 through December 1865.

Valley of the Shadow: Civil War Era Newspapers

Virginia Gazette, The: 1736-1780

* Chronicling America


Historical Newspapers in Washington


Wyoming Newspaper Project: 1849 and 1922


* Small Town Papers

* Cornell's Making of America: Mostly magazines and periodicals from 1850-1879

* Paper of Record

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