08 September 2008

Flickr Cemetery and Headstone Pools: United States [Reference Shelf]

Next time you're lamenting the fact that Findagrave and Interment.net don't have photos of your ancestor's graves, cheer up and check the following flickr pools to see if someone else hasn't snapped a photo of the dear departed's final resting place. Photographers love the poetry of cemeteries, so we're blessed with a large chronicle of various tombstones and cemeteries across the world.

[Note: I have had to break this list into two parts, first being the United States and General pools. I will post part two, the international listings, another time.] In the meantime, enjoy these pools!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this and all of the other great resources you provide!

By the way, I "heart" your blog.



JoLyn said...

I have just discovered your website - it's great! Thanks for this listing of photos. I'm really excited to go hunting.