30 December 2008

Accomplishments and Resolutions [Personal]

'Tis that time of year again, and a good opportunity to re-gauge direction in this meandering experience we call life.


I didn't take the time to propose any formal resolutions for 2008, but I made a good set of accomplishments this year that I will list here for posterity's sake:

1. My first article in a genealogy journal was published in the Summer of this year. The California Genealogical Society blog was kind enough to post about my article, since I am a member there. I was excited that the article was published, even though when I read back on it, it seems a little stilted. Ah well, if we don't see room for improvement, I suppose we'll never see reason to try it.

2. I lost thirty pounds this year, in about four months. I had a good diet and started running, all of which combined to finally get me back into wearing a belt! Both endeavors have been pretty shoddy during the past month, but I aim to keep them going next year, as you'll see below.

3. (Almost) debt-free! My husband and I paid off our car loan this year, so now all I owe is a mountain of cash for my under-utilized (but personally appreciated) graduate degree. What with other matters more pressing, I think trying to pay off the student loan early can wait. I'm proud of our accomplishment in this regard, though. It is very freeing to start off the month by paying yourself and your future, instead of some creditor.


I have a modest five things I hope to accomplish in 2009:

1. Run a 5K

2. Run Bay to Breakers

3. Attain beginning conversational skill in Mandarin

4. Publish another genealogy article

5. Finally get all of the data in my database properly organized, reviewed and cited!

Remarkably, it's number five that seems like the real doozy!!


T.K. said...

Of course, after I read your final comment, I had to reread the list to see whether I agreed. Oh my... Mandarin notwithstanding, I do agree! LOL! Good luck!

Elyse said...

Omgosh - between Mandrin and getting all your genealogy stuff into your database - you have one heck of a crazy year ahead for you! Good luck!