16 November 2011

The Full Story

I love newspapers, because they give us so much information, but sometimes what we learn is so tantalizing, I can't help but wish I could get the full story. Like this Want Ad from the 02 November 1912 issue of The Oakland Tribune:
REFINED young lady (blond) is desirous of meeting dark complected gentleman between 30 and 35, temperate habits, medium height, comfortable income; object matrimony; no triflers. Box 87??, Tribune.
Of course, who knows what her "object" really was, but I can't help but imagine a petite young woman dropping off this want ad at the Tribune offices. I wonder if she ever found what she was looking for? Judging by what I remember from dating, probably a whole lot of "triflers!"


Cynthia Shenette said...

LOL. Other than the blond thing that could have been me a few years ago. A nice temperate guy with a comfortable income is still hard to find. Sadly triflers are not. We'll just have to hope for improvement by 2112. ;)

Jennifer said...

I hear ya, Cynthia. Oh, do I hear you!!!