04 September 2012

Tribune Tuesdays: Woman, Dog-Lover

From: The Oakland Tribune, 06 March 1912, Page 2, Column 1

Hold Funeral of Woman, Dog-Lover

ALAMEDA, March 6--Mrs. Mary Dillman, known as "the dog woman," was buried today from an Alameda undertaking parlor, after her body had been kept by an Oakland undertaker pending the expected arrival of the woman's husband from the East.

Dillman has not appeared or sent word and the responsibility for the burial was assumed by Mrs. J. Kreft of this city, with whom Mrs. Dillman formerly lived. Mrs. Dillman died in the East Bay Sanatorium from the effect of injuries received when she was run down in Oakland about three weeks ago by W. G. Davis of Alameda, an automobile dealer. She was a great dog-lover, and had twenty canine pets at the time of her death. The dogs have since been chloroformed by the humane society as there was no one to look after them.

Mrs. Dillman was living in Fruitvale at the time of her death, having left Alameda after the court ordered her to get rid of her dogs as a sanitary measure, the board of health causing the woman's arrest.

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