09 October 2012

Tribune Tuesdays: Trio of Bold Thieves

From:  The Oakland Tribune, 09 March 1912, Page 5, Column 2

Young Burglars Will Be Put on Probation for Stealing Old Weapons

For entering several residences in Grand avenue and stealing a collection of ancient and antique weapons, wrenches and tools, three small burglars have been taken into custody by the Oakland police and turned over to the detention home, to be investigated and placed on good behavior. The trio of bold thieves is composed of the following: Johnny Fearton, aged 9 (captain); Tony Malutto, aged 9, and Willie Anselmo, aged 10 years.

The three were arrested by Inspector Richard Quigley and turned over to the detention home.

The loot of the boys consisted of an old-fashioned flint lock pistol, a naval officer's cutlass that had seen service in the Civil War, a M[?] creese, a Philippina bolo and several Japanese and Chinese knives. Six wrenches were taken.

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