16 April 2008

Bookmarking Tab Groups for Specific Projects

If you're like me, you spend alot of research time online bouncing around from site to site, meandering a little along the way, then returning time and time again to favorite (or important) websites.

Today I want to share with you a nifty feature available in most browsers, which you may or may not have noticed: bookmarking (or, in Internet Explorer, favoriting) groups of tabs. This is a great way to instantly launch a set of bookmarked websites that you may use whenever you are doing some online research. Here's how it works:

1. Open all the tabs you want to bookmark in a new browser window. In this instance, I'll be using Firefox. To start off, I open a group of the sites I use most often when doing online genealogy research, each with its own tab:

2. Bookmark (or Favorite) the tabs. In Firefox, the command to do this is "Bookmark All Tabs" found under the Bookmarks menu. In Internet Explorer, "Add Tab Group to Favorites" under the Favorites menu. In Safari, "Add Bookmark for These Tabs" under the Bookmarks menu.

3. Name the Tabs group. In this case, I'll call mine GenealogyResearch:

4. Test your new bookmarked tabs. Open a new browser window and test out your new tabs:

Voila! A quick and easy way to jumpstart your research by opening your most-used websites.

Happy researching!


Thomas MacEntee said...


What a great blog! I've enjoyed all your posts and even for a techie like me, I've been able to learn a few tricks!

Beth 'n Tex said...

Wow. Thanks for the info - I'll enjoy using it. I also appreciate the heads up on Firefox vs Ancestry viewer. I'm already having occasional crashes; don't need any more.