24 April 2008

Google Your Genealogy

The site googleyourfamilytree.com appears to be dedicated to a book published by Dan Lynch (although I can't find any purchasing information on the site), however they offer a page with tools to facilitate advanced google searches without having to know the correct syntax.

From the page, you can perform the following searches using a field & drop-down interface:
» Google Local Web Search for Genealogy
» Google Local Map Search for Genealogy
» Google BlogSearch for Genealogy
» Google Database Search for Genealogy
» Genealogy Advanced PowerSearch
» Google Image Search for Genealogy

To visit, go to http://www.googleyourfamilytree.com/google_for_genealogy.html.


Miriam said...

Hi, Jennifer,

Dan has not yet published his book, but I believe he is in the process of wrapping up the final chapter with testimonials of those who have used Google to find their family trees treasures and break down brick walls. I am looking forward to reading his book when it is completed.

I enjoy your blog and have been reading it for a couple of weeks, now. It's is very informative!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the info, Miriam, and the compliment on the blog. I too look forward to reading Dan's book... I'm always looking for new tips on working Google to full-advantage!