24 June 2008

Quick Tip: Clip images from Google Books to your Google Notebook

Did you know that you can "clip" sections of text from any open copyright (any full-view) book in Google Books and paste that clip into your Google Notebook?

To do so, simply select the "clip" button in Google Books (indicated by the red arrow in the image below). You can opt to embed the image in another web page, send the clip to Blogger, or send the clip to your Google Notebook:

I have selected to send the clip to my Notebook. Here is the clip as it appears in my notebook:

Great way to keep track of the information you find on your ancestors online!

A few caveats with this:

1. Until I upgraded to Firefox 3, I could not get this feature to work. I am unsure if this was peculiar to my system or not.

2. Selecting the "text" option and sending to notebook will still send an image clip to your notebook. The text option only seems to work when sending to Blogger.

3. The selection cannot span more than one page at a time, which stinks if you have something like a biography that spans a page break.

On the bright side, however, the text in the clip you send to notebook is fully searchable!

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