10 July 2008

Cutting Blog Overload

When I finally got my one-year old down for his morning nap, and settled in front of the computer to get my blog reading done, this is what Google Reader had waiting for me:

This adds up to 2,399 blog posts that I supposedly am interested in, and supposedly want to read. And, in truth, I do. But, as aforementioned one-year old will be up within an hour or two, and with other household duties to perform, I simply can't take the time to read it all.

How to cope?

Enter AideRSS and their spiffy Google Reader add-on for Firefox or Greasemonkey.

The extension makes use of PostRank to identify blog posts with the most value, judged by user interaction, linking, etc. You can then filter your posts by PostRank value, and skim posts to keep up on the latest, without having to plow through every post in your lineup in order to find what really matters.

The install for Firefox is incredibly easy... one click and you're done. The usability is great, although it will take me a while to judge just how efficiently or accurately PostRank is determining what "really matters" in my various blogospheres.

This video tells all about the app and how to install:

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