26 July 2008

Flappr: Tasty Photographic Mashup

Mashups, as you have probably heard, aren't just for potatoes anymore. Indeed, mashups are for 2008 what tags were to 2007... the newest way to organize and re-deploy information on the web in an intuitive and useful way.

One of the most useful I have found of late is flappr, a graphic Flash-based interface that makes slick work of finding photos on Flickr. As I talked about recently, Flickr holds huge amounts of interest for genealogists and family historians, in that it turns hordes of professional and amateur photographers into the documentarians of the places and people you are researching.

To wit, I did a search on flappr recently for St. Philips church in Charleston, South Carolina, a place around which life events for a number of my husband's ancestors occurred.

To begin with, I visit the flappr homepage. No login is required to do the basic searches. I enter my search term in the search box on the left-hand side of the screen:

Hit enter and voila, photos of the church, as well as of some of the headstones in the adjacent graveyard:

I love the interface, which is very sleek and fresh, and I also love that there is a release from the overload which I sometimes get on the flickr site proper. Definitely an enjoyable way to do a little research or kill a little time.

p.s.: Sorry for the absenteeism. Between a toddler with two molars erupting and some (gasp!) actual genealogy research, time has been a little scarce!

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