17 May 2009

Alert: Family Bible on ebay with family pictures!

I was reading through some of my favorite blogs today, including the blog Forgotten Bookmarks, which chronicles the bookmarks found in old books by a person who works at a used bookstore.

They posted recently about an 1837 family bible that includes not only family vital information, but also had in it photos which may likely be of the family itself. You can check out the blog post here (I recommend the blog for book and history junkies who like that sort of random stuff). You can see the auction for it here. The bible is being sold with the photos itact.

If you see a snoot as a high-bidder, that's me. I don't know the family, but would hate to see this land in a private collection and not make its way back to the family. I'll happily yield the auction or sell for cost to the right family! Spread the word and maybe we can hook a descendant up with this treasure!!

Surnames seem to include: Tyson/Tison, Hall, Carty, Knight

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