19 May 2009

Tribune Tuesday: Caused By Gin

A new series I am starting, sharing items of interest from this day's Oakland Tribune, back in 1891.


Mrs. Rousch Tells Why She Chased Her Sick Husband in Alameda

Mrs. Peter J. Rousch was examined before the Lunacy Commissioners this afternoon. It was asserted that she dragged her dying husband out of bed and threw him upon the floor and then pelted him with dishes and other articles. Mr. Rousch was compelled to leave home, and is now in a hospital in San Francisco. The lady stated that her husband is a drunkard, and while he was ill he drank some liquor and it made him insane. When she was out of the room he hurriedly dressed himself and ran out of the house and went to a saloon. She denied that she had pelted him and driven him from home. In explaining some of her own queer actions, she said that she had been in the habit of taking too much gin occassionally and that was the cause of her trouble. Judge Greene gave her some good advice and discharged her from custody.

From: The Oakland Tribune, Tuesday 19 May 1891, Page One, Column 5

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