23 June 2009

Tribune Tuesday: A Baby Left Alone

Items of interest from today's edition of the 1891 Oakland Tribune

A Baby Left Alone in a Buggy Comes to Grief

Yesterday afternoon a lady wheeling a baby in a carriage started out calling on friends on New Broadway. She left the buggy and its occupant outside on the sidewalk while she went in to see her friends. The buggy was on a slight decline and the jostling of the baby set the wheels moving with a result that the carriage and its occupant rapidly neared the edge of the sidewalk where a horse was tied. The buggy struck the curb at the edge of the sidewalk, and the vehicle tipped over, throwing its occupant out to the ground. This frightened the horse, who broke its moorings and ran away, nearly stepping on the helpless baby. A passenger on the street car jumped off and lifted the infant back into the buggy. The mother was informed and a lively scene ensued. The baby cried and the mother grew hysterical and in her endeavor to express her gratitude to her baby's rescuer, threw her arms about his neck. A tiny stream of blood was noticed flowing from a wound in the child's head, and this occasioned a fresh outburst of grief. A small gathering had assembled by this time, and a doctor was called. His services were not needed as a small scratch only was on the child's head.

From: The Oakland Tribune, 23 June 1891, Page 5, Column 3

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Kathryn Doyle said...


So interesting that things like this happened one hundred years ago! It's quite timely in view of some of the horrible accidents that have been in the Bay Area press lately.

Any chance you can make it to the July membership meeting with Steve Danko?