16 June 2009

Tribune Tuesday: The Yosemite Park

Items of interest from today's 1891 issue of The Oakland Tribune.

The Military Driving Out the Cattle-
An Old Prospector Lost in the Mountains-Deep Snow Still Lies on Glacier Point

WAWONA, Cal., June 16.- Lieutenant Davis and a party of ten men returned last night after a trip of ten days patrolling the newly made Yosemite National Park. They were ordered by Captain Wood to go through the northern part of the park in search of sheep and cattle which were said to be in that section. They went through the Little and Big Hetch Hetchy valley and as far north as the snow line would permit, but found no sheep in that section and but very few cattle. The owners of these were getting on to their own lands as rapidly as possible. The party found an old man who had gone into the mountains prospecting and had been lost. He was nearly famished for the want of food but recovered under proper treatment. The party returned by the way of Yosemite and Glacier Point, and found the snow on the point five feet in depth in many places.

From: The Oakland Tribune, 16 June 1891, Page 1, Column 4

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