07 July 2009

Tribune Tuesday: The Fourth at Orinda

Items of interest from today's edition of The Oakland Tribune, back in 1891.

The Fourth at Orinda

A merry celebration of the Fourth of July was held at Orinda Park. Many visitors were present and gathered under the shade of an old oak tree. A string band discoursed patriotic music, and refreshments were heartily enjoyed. The programme of the day was as follows:

Prayer, Rev. Mr. Townsend.

Reading Declaration of Independence, Mrs. Collins.

Song, "Star Spangled Banner"

Recitation, Miss Julia de Laveaga

Song, "Red White and Blue"

Recitation, Miss Hill

Recitation, little Georgie Sandow, costumed as Uncle Sam

Recitation, Miss Josie Minto, dressed as the Goddess of Liberty

Recitation, Master Vincent de Laveaga

Oration, Thomas Garrity, Esq.

Song, "America"

Races and other amusements for old and young wiled away the afternoon hours and in the evening a fine display of fireworks was made. General Wagner officiated as master of ceremonies.

From: The Oakland Daily Evening Tribune,
07 July 1891, Page 6, Column 3

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