25 May 2010

Tribune Tuesday: A Family Quarrel

From: The Oakland Tribune, 03 January 1889, p. 1

A Sister Who Is Not Satisfied With the Deeds of Her Father

It is asserted in a complaint filed today in Superior Court that on December 31, 1886 and long prior thereto and until the date of his death, Origin Mowry was of unsound mind and wholly incapacitated from attending to business or managing his estate. That is the reason Abbie Ann Graybill has commenced suit against Frederick W. Mowry, to set aside a deed given him by the deceased, conveying a certain valuable land in Washington township. It is alleged that Delia Mowry, Marion L. Mowry, and Joseph C. Mowry, taking an unfair advantage of the unsoundness of mind of Origin Mowry, procured him to sign and acknowledge a deed whereby he gave to the defendant the real estate in question.

On November 7, 1888, Mowry died instestate, leaving surviving him his wife, Delia Mowry, and four children, Marion C. Mowry, J. C. Mowry, and the defendant and the plaintiff. The latter claims to be an heir and asks that the deed be declared void and invalid, and that it be decreed that she is entitled to an undivided one sixth of the estate. The plaintiff has also sued her sister, Marion L. Mowry, to set aside a certain deed given her by her father prior to his death on the same grounds as in the other suit.

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