14 September 2010

Tribune Tuesday: Made Insane By Loss of Son

Made Insane By Loss of Son

From: The Oakland Tribune, 08 May 1906

Crazed by grief over the loss of her son, who is supposed to have perished in the San Francisco fire, Mrs. Anna Kelly of that city has sat and moaned at the Providence Hospital, refusing food or relief in sleep, until she has become a raving lunatic.

She is now confined at the Receiving Hospital, but this evening she will be taken to the Stockton Asylum for the Insane.

Mrs. Kelly, who is a native of Ireland, 50 years old, went to Providence Hospital soon after the earthquake and has since been treated by Dr. Reinle. It as at first thought that she was suffering from nervous prostration, but all efforts to induce her to sleep or eat proved futile and her mind rapidly gave way until she became so violent that it was deemed necessary to confine her in the State hospital.

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