21 September 2010

Tribune Tuesday: Petty Offenses

Petty Offenses Reported to Police

From: The Oakland Tribune, 15 May 1906

The record of petty offenses committed yesterday and within the last few days and formally announced today by Chief Wilson is considerably in excess of that made known yesterday and on preceding days.

JB Butter reported the theft of a dress-suit case and contents

JA Gonigle of the WUTC lost a watch chain and charm

D Robbins colored who resides at 811 Center street was fleeced while asleep in a card room in a cigar store on Seventh street between Willow and Wood streets, of $5

MP Connolly of 1065 Thirtieth street was relieved of a watch

George Ruth, a boy, was deprived of 75 cents

ER Horsewell of 154 Eighth street had his pockets picked on Broadway

William F. Gartelmeyer of Livermore was relieved of a suit case near First street and Broadway

John Beal and Richard O'Day are now going without bicycles which others have appropriated

The police are endeavoring to run down the lawbreakers.

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