14 June 2011

Tribune Tuesdays: Just Imagine

From: The Oakland Tribune, 16 October 1912

Youthful Bride's Troubles Win Sympathy and Interlocutory Divorce Decree

Just imagine a husband who got mad and nearly killed his wife's dog and then turned his wrath upon her when she protested; a husband who got mad again because she went to the store and charged a half-dozen eggs when she was hungry!
"Just imagine", said 18-year-old Edith Nauert, in testifying in her divorce suit against Henry P. Nauert today. "He hit me just because I went down to the creamery and got a half-dozen eggs. He never brought anything into the house and because I did go and charge anything, he got angry about it and I said: Who has a better right than I have to get anything and then he got mad and gave me the dickens about it."
The Court did imagine and the girl wife was given an interlocutory decree.

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