21 June 2011

Tribune Tuesdays: Married in the Window

From: The Oakland Tribune, 17 October 1912

Couple to Marry in Window of Store

That love is oblivious to curious stare and also surroundings is to be demonstrated tomorrow evening by George Steadman and Miss Maud Osborn, both of Alameda, who took out a marriage license this morning. The couple wll be married in the window of a store at Ninth and Broadway at 7 o'clock. Beyond the satisfaction of each getting the other the young folk will receive a $100 diamond ring, offered as a reward by M. Goldwater, proprietor of the establishment. Steadman is a contractor, 25 years old. Miss Osborn is 22 years old and resides at 2831 San Jose avenue, Alameda.
Steadman and his fiancee had planned upon a wedding to be held in two weeks but decided that they might as well take advantage of the offer.From: The Oakland Tribune, 17 October 1912

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