02 November 2010

Tribune Tuesday: Hospital Cases

From: The Oakland Tribune, 03 May 1904

Hospital Cases

Harry Dawson is the victim of a gamecock. He went to the Receiving Hospital today with a hand badly swollen with blood poisoning and is in a dangerous condition. He lives at 657 Jefferson street. He explained that he had a "stag" whose natural spurs he had not yet cut off. The cock took a fly at him the other morning and stuck his finger, and the bad hand is the result.

Masagi Kobaushi, a Japanese, went to the Receiving Hospital suffering from a dog bite. He lives at 533 Sixteenth street and told Steward Harry Borchert that a dog had sprung upon him and bitten him. He was suffering from a lacerated wound in the left thigh.

George O'Hare of 1641 Market street was the victim of a soda water bottle this afternoon, which struck him in the forehead and inflicted a bad laceration, which needed several stitches to med. He said that two men were fighting and one threw a bottle which missed its mark and struck him in the forehead.

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