23 November 2010

Tribune Tuesday: Jack London Deeds Lot

From: The Oakland Tribune, 30 August 1904

Jack London Deeds Lot and Will Build the House

As part of the settlement with his wife in regard to their property rights, a deed to a lot on Thirty-first street, with a builder's contract for a pretty shingled cottage was filed for record this morning by Jack London, novelist and newspaper writer, who is being sued by Bessie Maddern London for a divorce. She is to have the same until she marries again, in which case by a provision in the deed the property is to revert to him.

The land was purchased from AJ and Sophie Snyder for $1,575 and building to be erected is to cast $2,175. It is a 45-foot lot, about midway between Grove and Telegraph avenue, on the south side of Thirty-first street.

At the time of the withdrawal of the injunction restraining London from drawing any of his salary as war correspondent or royalties from his books it was stated to Judge Greene that the property rights had been settled out of court. The first complaint in the divorce action filed by Mrs. London, containing several typewritten pages of the misdeeds of London, was also withdrawn, and a second complaint filed, charging simple desertion as the ground for the suit. The building of a home for Mrs. London follows along with other arrangements made in regard to the settlement of their difficulties.

A default has been entered against London in the divorce action now pending in the court, and the matter has been referred to the Court Commissioner Clarence Crowell for the taking of testimony.

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