30 November 2010

Tribune Tuesday: A Very Nervous Man

From: The Oakland Tribune, 26 August 1904

This is Reason of Mrs. Sietz Coming to This City

Mrs. Seitz, formerly a lodging house keeper was arrested this morning by Policeman Caldwell on a warrant from San Francisco, charging her with feloniously defrauding Minna Dun?e out of a large sum of money in the sale of a lodging house at 62 Ellis Street, San Francisco.

Mrs. Seitz states that there is nothing in the accusation. She says that she paid $1,600 for the lodging house and sold it for $1,200.

In explaining why she had come to this side of the bay, Mrs. Seitz said that she had lost money and that her husband was a very nervous man and that it would kill him if he knew that the money had been lost. She says that she intended to earn the money which was lost by working.

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