05 May 2011

Slave History, Poetrized

Finding inspiration in the most interesting of places...

The poet Bill Grimke-Drayton has uncovered long lost papers connected to slavery during the 18th and 19th centuries that were stored in the attic of his family home the United Kingdom's county of Cheshire.

The College of Charleston, South Carolina in the United States has decided the papers are of significant historical value and recently paid the Grimke-Drayton family $60,000 for the right to retain the papers for research and preservation.

The papers may never have come to light were it not because of Grimke-Drayton's research for his latest collection of poetry titled, Freedom Reclaimed (Poetry by Bill Grimke-Drayton), in which he explores his family's connection to the slave trade in the United States' Deep South region, and at the same time deals with his own deeply-felt experiences with racism.

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