17 May 2011

Tribune Tuesdays: A Mania for Setting Fire

From: The Oakland Tribune, 11 January 1901

Wm. De Frees Insane

William De Frees, who at one time ranked among the wealthiest mining men in the State, was taken to the insane ward of the Receiving Hospital last night by the police.

He has been stopping with his grandson, A. D. Taylor, at 626 Forty-sixth street. Of late, he developed a mania for setting fire to the place. Last Tuesday he luded [sic] the vigilance of the members of the Taylor family and disappeared from home. Although the police searched for him no trace of him was found until last night when he wandered back. He is nearly 78 years old.

He was examined this morning by Drs. Olmstead and Knox, who recommended that he be committed to an insane asylum.

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