24 May 2011

Tribune Tuesdays: Claimed She Was Drugged

From The Oakland Tribune, 12 January 1901

From Grave to the City Bastile
Anna Hollenbeck Declares That She Was Drugged

The peculiar actions of Anna Hollenbeck resulted in her arrest last evening by the police and this morning she forfeited $6 bail in the Police Court.

Anna Hollenbeck is the widow of the late Deputy Poundmaster Nathan Hollenbeck, who was shot and killed by a Chinese named Quong Mow about two years ago. She is also the supposed widow of the late Deputy Poundmaster Pete Farrell, who was shot by her brother, Edmund  Rivest, a few months ago during a dispute over the ownership of a stove.

The Hollenbeck woman yesterday hired a horse and buggy at the Club Stables and, through the drenching rain and deep mud, she drove to the grave of Hollenbeck in Mountain View Cemetery where she knelt down and wept bitterly.

On returning from the cemetery she stopped at a roadside saloon and ordered a drink of liquor, so she claims, because she was cold and shivering, and after quaffing the draught, she knew no more until friends at Twenty-sixth and Peralta streets tried to resuscuitate her.

She claimed she had been drugged.

The police patrol wagon was sent for and she was taken to the City Prison, where she afterward revived and was released on furnishing $6 bail.

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