03 October 2011

Free Online Newspaper Archives

Recently I received an email on Ancestry from a member of an Iowa-based genealogical society, containing information about one of my ancestors. In the email, this woman kindly referenced their online newspaper archive, which was hosted by NewspaperArchive.com. The newspapers (mostly historical, some more recent), were free to access, and needed no NewspaperArchive membership to view.

Now, I have a subscription to NewspaperArchive, but imagine my surprise when I did a little sleuthing, and came upon the fact that they actually have a number of these sub-sites that offer free newspapers (and, in a few cases, city directories and township records)! These sites span the country (I did find a few international ones), and, I imagine, are available thanks to some working agreements made between these various institutions (publishers, libraries, historical societies) and the site itself. There's some great local and niche publications (schools, military regiments) available, for free, right now, to anyone.

Researchers in Iowa can particularly rejoice; NewspaperArchive is located in Iowa, and as such has made a number of agreements with Iowa libraries, so the pickings there are particularly hearty.

I figured I might as well get these subsites into a list, hoping that there's some useful information here for other researchers. I did not include in this listing sub-sites that require a full NewspaperArchive subscription to view the newspapers. This list is intended to catalog only those sites offering completely free access.










New Mexico:

New Jersey:

New York:

North Carolina:




Sheri said...

Jennifer - I just tried to search the Ukiah newspaper and while it allowed me to search I was not given the results unless I had a subscription.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Sheri. I deleted that one from the list. It was a complicated search, because some of the subsites made it clear off the bat that you had to have a membership. Some only told you after you searched, and there was nothing to distinguish those from the free ones! It took me a few sites before I figured that out!

Jo said...

Jennifer, thank you for taking the time to put something like this together. Nice Job!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Jo! Good to know people are still finding it useful.