06 October 2011

In Which I Stop the Madness, and Start the Research Logging

Wow, when it comes to logging my research, I'm the absolute worst. Really, I'm pretty sure that on a list somewhere--existing, perhaps, solely in the mind's eye of the genea-god(s)--I am at the tip-top of the logging poo-poo list. Not because I've made it a mission to make myself run in research circles, chasing the tip of the same old tail, but because I'm lazy, and I hate to interrupt the mad rush of research momentum in order to make boring notes about something that I've already done. I'm much more interested in what I have yet to do.

That said, the other day, when I spent about an hour pouring through some online records at FamilySearch, only to realize that I had already done this particular exercise in futility, I realized that enough was enough.

So, I succumbed. I started an online research log.

Does this make me insanely pedestrian? Or stridently superior? I can't tell. All I know is that I opted for the convenience of Google Docs to create a spreadsheet that will allow me to track my research:

Each surname will eventually occupy its own page in the spreadsheet, accessible via a tab:

It occurs to me that eventually it will be very crowded down there, but we'll see how it scales, I guess, and go from there! At least I started, right? Surely that must count for something... Anyways, if anyone sees a glaring omission in this research log, let me know!


Greta Koehl said...

You go, girl! And BTW, I'm the absolute worst at logging my research....

Amy Coffin said...

I vote for "stridently superior." Research logs are the way to go.

Jennifer said...

Thanks ladies! I'm feeling pretty good about it. It's like exercising... I'm not crazy about doing it, but I know it's what I ought to do, so I suffer through it!

Michelle Goodrum said...

I started an excel spreadsheet for my research log a while back and I must say, it has really, really helped. You just have to be disciplined about always, always using it. I'm trying to get better about that but it is hard.

Keep it up. Your hard work will pay off in the long run.