24 October 2011

Got a Good Genea-Mystery?

I was perusing the great Writers & Poets website this morning, when I ran across the following call for submissions:

SMALL PRESS seeking submissions for mystery anthology with genealogy theme. Open to interpretation as long as genealogy is main theme. You never know who’s part of your family! 3,000–4,000 words. Deadline: February 29, 2012. Free book upon publication. Send submissions to M. Dellafera, 94 Wheeler Rd., Hollis, NH 03049. Questions: mdellafera@charter.net or lwatskin@gmail.com.
I figured that I'm not the only genealogy-buff who also loves a good mystery, so all burgeoning writers should sharpen their pencils! The call is for short stories (3-4,000 words).

Maybe a short story called "The Mystery of the Citation-less Death Date"? Or perhaps "The Woman Who Gave Birth to Grandmother"? The possibilities are truly endless!

But seriously... if anyone wants to form a writer's support group let me know!

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havelin said...

I'm the author of the Ben Bones Genealogical Mysteries. Ben Bones is a Genealogical Consultant and Articulator of Family Skeletons.

First in the series is now an ebook available on Smashwords.com.
Title: Ben Bones & The Deadly Descendants
Author: Michael Havelin
Website: benbones.com

Watch for others soon to appear.