14 June 2010

Oakland Genealogy Update

Just a quick post to note that I have accomplished a number of housekeeping duties on the Oakland Genealogy site.

First and foremost, I finally called it quits on Google's Custom Search. For reasons I can't particularly discern, Google is only partially indexing the OakGen site (let that be a lesson to those dependent upon search!), so I have gone, for now, with a free site search engine. Already, all the pages are indexed and fully-searchable, so users should have a much easier time finding content on the site.

Also, I have finally posted to the Oakland Genealogy Blog. The blog is going to be a catch-all for transcriptions of tidbits of genealogical interest that I run across in my research in the Oakland area; it won't replace Tribune Tuesdays on this blog, or the transcription efforts on the Oakland Genealogy site. Instead, it is meant to provide a home for small items that are hard to categorize on the main site, or other random things that don't fall under the auspices of either project.

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