15 June 2010

Tribune Tuesday: An Afflicted Family

From: The Oakland Tribune, 08 January 1889, p. 1

Three Children Die of Diptheria in Two Weeks

The family of Magnas Freeman, a tailor, residing at 22 Maple street, is greatly afflicted. On the 2?th of last month, as stated in The TRIBUNE last night, one of the children died of virulent diptheria. The three surviving children, infant twins and a daughter aged 5 years contracted the dread disease, and on the 6th inst one of the twins died. Yesterday the eldest daughter, Olga Malvinia, died also, which leaves the grief stricken parents with now only one child remaining--one of the infant twins. This child is down with the disease also and there are very slender hopes of its recovery. Within two weeks these unfortunate people have lost three of their little ones, and the fearful prospect stares them in the face of losing the other one.

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