26 July 2010

CA History in the News 04 - 25 July 2010

* A touch of Abe Lincoln in the Golden State

* Saving the home of the San Jose artist who saved Big Basin

* A man in Auburn shows off his collection of 700 books... all copies of the same book, Two Years Before the Mast, "the 1840 true-life classic of the high seas, partly set in pre-Gold Rush California – a best-seller in the mid-19th century that collectors call one of the 80 seminal works of historic California." (The book is available on Google Books here.

* Who knew? The California Rice Commission (a new one to me) is trying to save the first Japanese settlement in the United States in Coloma, California.

* History or No History? Michael Jackson's Neverland as State Park? I'm sure our descendants will thank us.

* Visit a 1926 Roland E. Coate home in San Marino hills

* Lands surrounding the mid-19th century Willson Ranch in Gilroy are saved through purchase by the Nature Conservancy

* Concerns about the effect of the proposed high-speed rail on the historic park dubbed the "Ellis Island of Los Angeles"

* The last remnants of Rancho Cucamonga's Chinatown may soon disappear

* SF's Historic Preservation Commission surveyed Van Ness Avenue's "historic auto row"

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