01 July 2010

California Oral Histories

I recently set out to see what types of oral histories relevant to California research were online. I was stunned to see the breadth and depth of oral history information on the web, and the list below is just for California! I hope someone finds a gem in here, as there are countless hours of first-person history here to be perused.

* CSU Fullerton: Featured collections include town histories, various ethnic collections, WWII and labor issues. None online.

* The Bancroft Library (UCB) focii include: Italian-Americans, Portugese, and Jewish. Recordings and videos online.

* The Regional Oral History Office, in connection with the Bancroft Library, has a number of transcripts online at archive.org. Topics include regional history, the AIDS epidemic, Napa Valley history, agricultural history and more.

* The Holocaust Center of Northern California has oral histories available to researchers and the general public. None online.

* UC Santa Cruz has a program devoted to regional and institutional histories. Transcripts online.

* CSU Monterey Bay has an African American Legacy project centered on the central California coast. Video online.

* CSU Long Beach has various ethnic collections, as well as regional and labor histories. Recordings online.

* The Marin County Free Library has a host of interviews online regarding early Marin County (and Bay Area) history. Audio clips and full transcripts online.

* UCSB has various regional, ethnic and event histories. None online.

* The California State Archives has conducted individuals with notable governmental figures since 1986. None online.

* UCLA library has a huge collection of oral histories, on a large variety of subjects. Some transcripts online.

* USC maintains a collection of interviews concerning the history of social work in the State. None online.

* The California State Military Museum has histories of WWII submarine veterans online.

* Claremont College has a number of interviews on a large variety of subjects. None online.

* Caltech has oral histories involving various technical projects and professorial studies. Transcripts and audio online.

* Urban School of San Francisco has an oral history project covering Civil Rights, Japanese internment, the Holocaust, and issues surrounding the redevelopment of the Fillmore in SF.

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Kathryn Doyle said...

Very timely piece! The California Genealogical Society is sponsoring a workshop on Saturday, August 14, 2010, from 1-4 p.m. - How to Conduct Oral Histories with Nancy Thompson.