06 July 2010

Tribune Tuesday: Sad Accident

From The Oakland Tribune, Thursday Evening, 27 August 1874

Child Falls from a Window and Dies from the Injuries Received
About one o'clock yesterday, the little daughter of C. P. Williams, West and Fourteenth streets, fell from an up-stairs window on to the hard, gravel sidewalk, and was mortally injured. She struck an [sic] her head. and according to Drs. Bradway and Reiley, fractured the skull, from the effects of which she died this morning.
The little girl-"Belle" by name-after going up stairs, was attracted by the voice of her sister outside below, and she then climbed up on a trunk to look out of the window, when she lost her balance and fell a distance of about eighteen feet, with the aforesaid result. She was between three and four years of age.

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