22 December 2010

California Quotes: Christmas in California


When little children in the East
Are playing in the snow,
I live in California
Where winter roses grow.

While they are sliding on the ice,
And snow is on the land,
I am playing in the ocean waves.
And digging in the sand.

No sleigh bells ever tinkle,
There are no snowbells here,
But oranges grow on the trees,
And flowers all the year.

Yet Santa Claus remembers us
He brings us pretty toys,
And puts them in our stockings
For little girls and boys.

Our Christmas tree with gifts and lights
Is trimmed so fair to see,
And a little silver Christ-child
At the tiptop of the tree.

-M.S. Hosmer

From: Recitations and Dialogues for Special Days in the Sunday School, Number Two, p. 150. Published 1919.

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