27 December 2010

Life on the Victorian Farm

We spend a lot of time reading about, studying and researching people who were farming during the 1880's, but it can be difficult to truly appreciate the details of our ancestors' lives, when the minutiae are so easily overlooked.

I spent a few hours last night enraptured by the BBC series "Victorian Farm" which originally aired in 2009. (Luckily for those of us stateside, it is available in its entirety on YouTube. Link below.) Along the lines of Frontier House, Colonial House and 1900 House, the series takes some historical scholars and plunges them into the day-to-day life of a farm in 1880's Shropshire. The result is a very detailed and fascinating recreation of a tumultuous yet sincere era.

Anyone with agricultural roots (and in the US, that is most of us) will find lots to appreciate in this series. Apparently the BBC is currently airing a related series, Edwardian Farm, video for which is not available to anyone in the US who isn't spoofing their IP. (Again, that is most of us). In the meantime we'll have to enjoy Victorian Farm and hope some kind soul shares more of the ongoing agrarian drama with us in the future:

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