21 December 2010

Tribune Tuesday: Jumps Out of a Wagon

From: The Oakland Tribune, 06 December 1910

A. Alvis, Business Man of Oakland, Seriously Injured and May Die

Leaping from a milk wagon directly in the path of a speeding automobile, A. Alvis was hurled twenty-feet through the air and alighted at the side of the boulevard on his side, suffering injuries which may prove fatal. The accident occurred about noon today on the boulevard near Fiftieth avenue, Dr. J. M. Shannon of 28 Orange street being the driver of the automobile. Alvis is a business man and lives at 420 Thirteenth street, and has been taken to the Shannon sanitarium by order of the physician.

An investigation was made by the police, and according to their findings, it is not thought that Dr. Shannon is to blame for the accident.

Little is known concerning the injured man other than that he was well dressed. He is a married man. The injuries consist of bruises and lacerations, and possible internal injuries which may prove fatal.

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