28 December 2010

Tribune Tuesday: Thieves are Busy

From: The Oakland Tribune, 13 December 1910


During the absence of the family last night, between 6 and 10:30 o'clock, burglars broke into the residence of Mrs. R. Walters at 422 Twenty-eighth street and stole jewelry valued at $124. The thieves worked carefully and the burglary bears the mask of habing been committed by professional v[?]gmen. The front door was forced open by using a jimmy, and the rooms were thoroughly ransacked, every portable article of value being taken.

A room thief entered the suite occupied by Miss May Mullender at 915 1/2 Washington street yesterday afternoon, and stole a purse containing $32 in gold and silver coin. A $25 automatic revolver was stolen from the B[?]ain company at 908 Broadway yesterday.

Mrs. AR Baldwin of the Associated Charities of 808 Broadway reported to the police this morning that a small purse left on a bookcase at the headquarters was stolen by a man who visited the place. The purse contained $38.

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